Individual Calls / On-Retainer

Sometimes all you need is information. Sometimes it’s just a second opinion. And sometimes you need a partner who is right there to pick up the phone for you no matter when you call. Being part of the ZC family doesn’t mean you are constrained by lengthy contracts with heavy demands on your times. It means we are here for you, in whatever way you need it.


Staying compliant with your facility’s accreditation and licensing agencies can be stressful! We specialize in FDA, OSHA, CMS, CLIA, COLA, CAP, and Joint Commission. Don’t see your agency here? Let us know who you work with! We are always happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Mock audits
  • Pre-inspection preparation
  • Post-inspection remediations
  • Validation
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Proficiency testing
  • New regulation updates
  • Personnel training


Need a hand getting the word out? Let our marketing experts help you succeed! We help you create websites, fliers, brochures, and connect you with your local community to spread the news of how you help people every day.

Test Utilization

With merit-based reimbursements and a dizzying array of possible tests to order, physicians need help deciding on the right tests to order, and when to order those test, for the best patient outcome. The key to navigating this complicated issue is proper documentation in the patient’s medical records, based on sound scientific evidence. We offer insight into clinical guidelines and protocols that are shown to improve reimbursement rates and patient care. Now that’s what we call a win-win!


A reliable and trustworthy medical billing company is essential to ensure you are reimbursed for your hard work! Ziolo Consulting is partnered with multiple billing agencies to bring you a selection of companies to match your specialty. These companies are vetted and proven to meet our exacting criteria of compliance and quality, and we maintain direct relationships with the owners of these agencies so your concerns are addressed immediately at the highest level of business.

IT Consulting

Frustrated with IT issues in the lab? Do you know how to maintain an LC-MS, but get frustrated when the printer keeps jamming? Our remote IT services might be what you need. Have a specialist on-call for all those computers, printers, and other machines in the lab that didn’t come with an extended warranty.

Sales Consulting

So you’ve got your lab set up and ready to go. Now you just need some samples to run! Our sales specialists can coach you on how to pitch yourself and your lab to get more clients signed on, and more samples to run. We know that lab scientists tend to be introverted (so are we!), and our training will help you to get over those hurdles and become more successful.

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