We provide many services to get your lab running safely, smoothly and efficiently.

Start-Up:  Whether you just got a new instrument, or want to build a brand new lab from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

Consulting:  Sometimes you just need some advice.  Call us anytime if you’re having a problem, need a second opinion, or need some work done.

Management:  Advice isn’t always enough. If you need someone to manage a facility, including Quality Assurance and Performance improvements, look no further.

Equipment:  Whether you need an upgrade, are starting new types of testing, or just want to ditch your current consumables company, ZC can help.

Specialty Services:  We consult for all types of labs, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical facilities for a wide range of testing. See it all here.

Staffing Services: Whether you’re starting up, expanding, or just need some fresh faces, we can provide you with the best personnel available.

Remote Review:  We are very proud to offer a service that ensures better quality at a lower cost.  See how remote review services will help your lab today!

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