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Trust the Experts to Run the Lab!

ZC Lab Services employs trusted and practiced professionals to manage our labs across the country. Our
systems are so reliable that we are the only consultants that are able to offer Remote Management! Contact us today to discuss your plans, and let us help you develop and expand into the future you imagine. Our Management Services include:

  • Complete Facility Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Improvements
  • Human Resources
  • Personnel Training
  • Management Training
  • New Employee Training

Complete Facility Management

Many owners of medical facilities and laboratories require some assistance and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare field to successfully leverage their business expertise. Let ZC do the work for you! Our experience in managing everything from small start-ups to coordinating multiple locations and corporations is yours to lean on. Depending on your needs, we can ensure the success of a single department, a Physician office lab, or lead your entirely new laboratory venture.

Quality Assurance 

Our quality assurance programs are proven to provide our clients with stellar audits and A+ inspections. We provide in-depth examinations of your existing systems, discuss the results with you and your team, and work with you to correct deficiencies and identify areas for improvement.

Performance Improvements

Our proactive approach to processes and systems results in performance improvements you never thought possible. We focus on patient care and take into account a changing market and client perceptions. Our improvement initiatives have been shown to take facilities from “meh” to Magnificent. As part of our quality assurance endeavors, we help your business achieve flexibility and responsiveness in an ever-changing market.

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