ZCPT Purchasing

Thank You For Ordering ZCPT!

You will be e-mailed an order form within the next 24 hours. To complete your payment now, please select the panels you wish to purchase and checkout through Paypal. Or, complete the payment information section of the order form when you receive it.

Final orders for our Spring shipment will be accepted in March 2019.

General Panel 1-Year (Fall & Spring Shipments) – $2000

This panel contains the more common drug classes like Opiates, Benzodiazepines, and Antidepressants.


Designer Drug Panel 1-Year (Fall & Spring) – $1750

This panel contains Designer Drugs, Synthetics, Cannabinoids and Bath Salts.

DL-Methamphetamine Panel 1-Year (Fall & Spring) – $750

This panel exclusively contains Methamphetamine (d) and Methamphetamine (l).

Combo Panel 3-Panel Combo 1-Year (Fall & Spring Shipments) – $4000

Save $500 with the 3-Panel Combo, which includes the General Panel, the Designer Drug Panel, and the D-L Methamphetamine Panel.

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